National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS)

NSFAS is the South African government student loan and bursary scheme operating in terms of Act 56 of 99 and funded by the National Department of Education. NSFAS provide loans and bursaries to students at all 25 public universities and 50 public TVET colleges throughout the country.

What NSFAS Offers
  • The means to obtain a tertiary qualification
  • Loans at low interest rates
  • Loans without guarantees
  • A reasonable repayment plan

The money you borrow is to be used to to cover all the costs associated with your tertiary studies and this money has to be repaid.

You qualify for a NSFAS loan if you are:
  • A South African citizens
  • Registered at a South African university or technikon
  • An undergraduate, studying for a first higher educational qualification, or
  • Studying for a second higher education qualification, if this is necessary to practise in your chosen profession (e.g. LLB or HDE)
  • Able to demonstrate potential for academic success
  • In need of financial assistance.

To download 2015 NSFAS Process click here or contact Financial Aid Office on 011 717 1062/65/82/83/84

Who qualifies for a FET college bursary?
A student may qualify for a FET College Bursary if he/she is:
  • Registered at a public South African Further Education and Training College
  • Registered for the National Certificate (vocational)
  • Registered for certain Report 191 (NATED) programmes, including N1-N6 in engineering and N4-N6 in all other fields

Organizations that offer Scholarships


Is academic sponsorship that covers the full costs of study including study material, tuition, accommodation and sometimes pocket money for living expenses. It is granted on the basis of financial need and/ or good academic results. A bursary is paid back in service to the company or entity that sponsored the candidate, they will have to work for the sponsor for the same amount of years they sponsored them or paid for their fees. Although a bursary covers your fees, if there is a module the student fails they will be expected to pay for it themselves.

Organizations that offer Bursaries

Study Loan

A study loan refers to money borrowed to pay for academic tuition (in some instances accommodation too) that has to be paid back with interest. Different loans charge interest differently, it is important to know how the loan you intend to take charges interest. A loan should only be given out by a registered financial institution.

Organizations that offer student loans

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