Career Guidance


There comes a time when as a scholar you have to choose a career path you want to follow in life.

For most learners this often comes at a time you are least prepared and are presented with many choices which can be confusing to learners. Some of the questions you need to be prepared for include:

  • What to stydy?
  • Where to study?
  • Where to stay?
What to stydy?

Before choosing a career it is important to know about the career choices available to you. The choices you make will be dependent on your school subject choices as there are entry prerequisites to entering most career studies.

It is vital that you do sufficient research and understand the careers you are interested in. You can view a comprehensive list of career choices here.

Where to study?

Depending on the qualification and qualification level you are after, you can choose to study at the following types of tertiary institutions provided they offer your qualification choice and you meet the minimum entrance requirements set out for that course.

Where to stay?

Depending on your travel and accomodation needs, as a students you may reside in one of the following:

  • Find accommodation in Campus and off-Campus Residence
  • Live in shared student houses/flats or in a commune
  • Live at home with guardian or parents
  • Live with a host family
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