Grade 9-12 Students

Subject Choice and Career Path

Grade 9 is an important year in the life of every learner beacause it signals the time you need to start thinking about possible career choices. In order to make the right choice of subjects in grade 10, learners should have an understanding of the career path they wish to pursue on completion of Grade 12 studies.

When choosing your grade 10 subjects, it is important for you to have a career in mind. Knowing what career you wish to venture into will help you choose the relevant subjects required for that career. It is important to tie your subject choice to your career choice because that will guide you in choosing your subjects.

You should also consider venturing into the scarce skills careers, as this will increase your chances of employment. However, one should not stray far from subjects they are passionate in.

If you have not made a career choice yet, there are institutions that specialise in assisting learners in this venture. Below are details of a few of the institutions you can get in touch with:

  • Use the National Careers Portal (NCAP) for more information on careers, this will show you what careers are out there and what subjects are required for those careers (NCAP)
  • You can also call their Career Development Services Helpline on 0860 35 66 35 or
  • Send an SMS with your query or
  • Send a "Please Call Me" to 072 204 5056 and they will contact you.
What role can parents play in assisting learners?
  • Parents should offer guidance and discuss the various options with their child to ensure the appropriate subject choices are made as early as grade 9.
  • Parents can help their children by collecting information on a variety of careers and the necessary subjects and NSC grade 12 passes that they will require for the carrers they wish to get into.
  • Subject choice is an important decision that will have an effect on the learners’ future, and could limit their career options if not given proper consideration and thought.
  • Parents should assist their children to make appropriate subject choices depending on what the child is interested in doing or the kind of career the child may be considering.
  • Further education and Training Colleges and Universities require learners to have particular combinations of subjects in order to study further. It is in the learner’s best interest to be aware of this at an early stage.
  • Mathematics is one subject of particular importance. It is important that learners find out if they need mathematics or mathematics literacy to study further in their chosen careers. This is a common requirement amongst many of the study options available to learners at a tertiary level.
  • Parents could approach the School Governing Body to request the school to collect information on further study options and careers from the District, Province or FET Colleges and /or universities.

The below informative resource will assist learners to make an informed decision regarding their subject choice.

Central Application Clearing House (CACH)

The CACH provides a service to prospective applicants who are not successful at the institutions they initially applied to, or who decide late that they wish to study. CACH compiles a register of verified prospective applicant information and makes it available to all institutions in the post-school education and training system. CACH also responds to requests when spaces become available and provides institutions with a register of those who meet the specific qualification entry requirements.

If you, 1. Know exactly what you would like to study next, 2. Have your exam number with you & 3. Have your identity number with you, click the link below. You will also be able to request a CACH to call you back on your mobile.

If you are not sure of what you want to study next and would like some advice on selecting the most suitable qualification, call 0800 356 635 and select option 2.

The CACH service will run for a limited time (from January and February of 2015). The call centre can be accessed from 7 days a week, from 8am-8pm. Call 0800 356 635 or sms your name and ID number to 49200.

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